Michele Salinas LAc, Dipl. OM, RN;

W.Blake Faulkner LAc, Dipl OM ~~at Lotus Center

Lotus Center offers alternative health care for individuals and entire families utilizing the traditional Asian medicine approach.  The practitioners at Lotus Center have a combined 30 years experience in Asian Medicine clinical care.

Michele Salinas is a practitioner of Asian Medicine and an RN.  She is holistic and gets results by treating the manifestation of disease as well as the root cause.  She offers Acupuncture, professional and customized Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, essential oils on energy points, and healthy lifestyle recommendations as part of her treatment plan.  New to her practice is Laharr, her spirit based treatment (see Laharr.com for more details).   She established Lotus Center in 1999

W. Blake Faulkner has received a high level of Asian Medical training under the guidance of Master Jeffrey Yuen,  88th generation Daoist physician and priest.  She has a diploma in Chinese Medical Arts, with an emphasis in Classical acupuncture. She has special experience in Classical Chinese Herbal medicine and the use of essential oils with treatment.  She has experience in treating families and children with 10 years of practice.

All services are by appointment only.

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