A Tale of Two Breasts: Mastitis Treatments

Last month I had the opportunity to treat two cases of mastitis.

Interestingly, although they did not know each other, these mothers came to Lotus Center only less than a week apart from each other.  I learned a very important lesson from both. Incidentally, although I play the role of healer to my patients, they play the role of teacher.

For those who are not familiar, mastitis is an infection of the milk ducts of the breast that can occur during breastfeeding.  If left untreated, it can become serious as the infection can spread to other areas of the body.

The first patient presented with the mastitis already ongoing for a week at the point she came to me for care.  She had tried home remedies.  She was spiking fevers of over 100 degrees.  She was managing, but not resolving.  Still, upon assessment I told her that we should dose Chinese herbs seriously and that she should have 80% resolution in a couple of days and be totally resolved soon after that.  She did get better after a few days.  But then she got worse.  I ended up referring her out to her biomedical doctor.  Fortunately for her, but not ideally, that would have been antibiotics.  This is not ideal because of the unwanted side effects of antibiotics.

In the case of the second patient, her mastitis had almost the same apparent degree of infection, the difference being she came to the office and received herbal medicine within 24 hours of the onset of the infection.  I gave the same prediction, aiming to resolve the infection by 80% in 1-2 days, complete resolution in 3-4 days.  And I am happy to say we were able to get this result.

I learned an important lesson that I would like to impress upon all my readers.  Chinese herbs are strong; western drugs may be stronger, but they have side effects.  Chinese herbs may take a little more time; Western drugs may be faster but again they have those side effects.  Antibiotics that are used cause mutant pathogenic strains due to overuse of them.  They eventually seriously compromise or cause gastrointestinal and immune system breakdowns if used too often.  Antibiotics are slowly destroying the ecosystem, due to their use in the food chain.  If we do not stop overusing antibiotics, we will have serious consequences in the future.

With the time frame of Chinese medicine in mind, it is crucial to come in early, at the first sign of any infection or illness.  We at Lotus Center will try to get you a speedy recovery.  However, you can be assured that should you chose to try Chinese herbal therapy, it will be strong enough to resolve your problem, be gentle enough not to destroy other body systems in the process, and be thorough enough to get at the underlying or root disharmony.

We have the experience to help you.  Thank you for your confidence in us!

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