Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Practitioners of Oriental Medicine tend to develop specialties in either

  • acupuncture or
  • Chinese herbology

A specialty happens simply because mastery in clinical results takes a lifetime.  So you tend to find practitioners who use both modalities in the clinic, yet will develop expertise in one or the other.

That being said, certain health problems are famously treated by acupuncture: physical pain, subtle energy issues, mind/body disconnect.  Other problems are better cured by Chinese herbal medicine:  infections, organic illnesses, infertility, gynecology, internal medicine, and, in my opinion, pediatrics.  Because the geriatric population is often taking multiple medications making herbal medicine tricky, the elderly often benefit more from acupuncture.  Children and others who may be afraid of acupuncture needles, however, do well with Chinese herbal medicine.

If your problem needs to shift, acupuncture is great at that.  If your problem is about depletion, herbal medicine is better to build you up.

I find some people are just oriented towards acupuncture, while others are just oriented toward the herbal medicine.  And many people really want both.

In practice, clinicians may use both acupuncture and herbs to treat many health problems.  In Oriental Medicine we have a saying “acupuncture opens the way and herbs make it stay.”  This means to make a health care change, acupuncture starts the change, while the herbal medicine sustains the change.

At the Lotus Center we offer both for your health benefit.

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