Age of Anxiety

We as a society have survived many things.  In the recent past we survived the great depression, westward expansion, the cold era, the time of irrational exuberance, and now it would seem we are asked to survive the age of anxiety.  WE CAN DO THIS.

When we feel anxious, it is because two simultaneous things are happening.

  1. We are overwhelmed with mental stimulation.
  2. And we are afraid about the future.

To handle bouts of anxiety, I suggest 4 things.

  1. Change your perception about what is important.  As long as you are doing your best with what life has given you, then surrender the results.  You cannot surrender successfully unless you are doing your 100% best.
  2. Make time to put your self in a state of tranquility.  Everyday.  Learn how to meditate.  Or spend time in silent devotional prayer.  Or just silence.  Complete.  Do this 10 minutes every day.  For 10 minutes practice suspending your fears, obsessions, mental angst, and general worries.  You probably have over 14 hours to worry, give yourself 10 minutes respite.  Your heart/mind will relax.  I promise you you will enjoy it.
  3. Get up and physically move.  Yes, this means exercise.  Don’t make it “scientific” or goal oriented.  On a daily basis, physically exert. You may time your length of engagement, but other than that, if you put any other numbers to the activity, you’ve made it become an anxious activity.
  4. Get a treatment at the Lotus Center.   People love acupuncture & bodywork for its stress relieving results.  There are so many great herbal formulas to help with anxiety and we have had great results with OCD and ADD also.  If you are not drawn to acupuncture or herbal medicine, talk to us, we can put you in touch with other services such as massage or essential oils.

Lets all make this the age of unity and peace in the midst of diversity.  We’d like to help you!

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