Fourteen Healthy Habits

1.) Purify the mind of worries, and the heart of divisions, greed, and anger.

2.) Open the windows of the buildings where you live and work (even a little).

3.) Eat that which comes from the earth; avoid that which comes from a laboratory while eating only as much to live.

4.) Eat Congee.

5.) When you lay down at night, surrender to the Higher Power.

6) Do your best, leave the rest.

7.) Avoid cars and driving which are violent to all living things (including the driver). If you forgo this habit, at least don’t text/use a cell phone and drive.

8.) Physically move your body, especially as transportation.

9.) Engage in the ancient time tested energy cultivation traditions:  Yoga, Tai Qi, Meditation.

10.) Use natural healing therapies as much as possible to live a natural life free of disease.

11.) Drink pure water.

12.) Breathe pure air (and know machines poison the air).

13.) Limit electronic and artificial light use.

14.) Everything Real is given and received in Silence:  don’t create noise.

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