How Often Should I Come in for Wellness Treatments?

0112IMG 9876 300x200 How Often Should I Come in for Wellness Treatments?How often one should get a wellness treatment is a matter of individual preference and professional judgement.

We can say, at least, getting a health maintenance acupuncture treatment four times a year — preferably around the turning of the seasons — is a valuable way to keep healthy, vibrant, and vital.  This is what has been done for millennia in China, Japan, and other countries where Oriental Medicine was/is mainstream medicine.

However, many patients prefer to have more frequent treatments, often because their problems have been resolved with acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and they prefer to prevent future episodes.  These patients do well with once every two months, once a month, twice a month, and even once a week.  Finding out which is the best schedule of treatments for you can be explored with your practitioner at Lotus Center.

Wellness treatments are the cheapest, easiest, fastest, most comfortable manner to maximize your health and avoid suffering.  It is also a good way to build a relationship with your practitioner.  This is significant for many reasons but also for when your “sick” times come up, the practitioner will be able to treat you more efficiently because s/he will know your case and constitution better.

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