I have terrible Allergies. What do you recommend?

There are two basic allergies we treat at Lotus Center: food allergies and airborne allergies.  Many clients come in with symptoms and we are able to successfully treat them in a way that brings harmony and balance to your system.

Food allergies

For non life-threatening allergies to food, there are wonderful herbal preparations to counter the allergic response to food.  These deal with not only the abnormal response to the food in question, but also preparations that support a healthy digestive process that is crucial to supporting your health and life in general.  When we evaluate you in the office, we are able to determine which Chinese herbal formulation is the right one for you.

Airborne or seasonal allergies

There are two stages of treatment we get involved in.   There is the prevention stage and there is the intervention stage.  The prevention stage happens about 8 weeks prior to the time when you are likely to start having symptoms. We work on the immunity at this stage, and prepare the lungs and sinuses so that you have an allergy free season.

At the intervention stage, we control the allergy symptoms, but also do what we can to the immune system also.  This involves acupuncture and/or Chinese herbals.

We have been successful at treating all of these allergic responses.

Tips for your own remedial care of seasonal allergies, you can try the following:

  1. Stop ingesting wheat and dairy products 8 weeks before the seasonal influence, until your particular allergic season is over.
  2. You can try nettles, especially in tea form and see if that helps.  I know of people who take nettle tea during the entire season.
  3. You can try medicinal mushrooms–also know as power mushrooms, incorporating them into your diet to see if this helps with your allergic response.  Shiitake, maitake, and reishi are the mushrooms used here.  Reishi can be helpful for asthmatics.

If these do not help you sufficiently, if you want guidance, or want to try these in conjunction to a more professional approach, please call on us.  We are glad to help you live an allergy free existence.


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