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To all of my patients whom I have had the opportunity of serving with Chinese herbal medicine in the past 20 years.


To me it feels like a long time of service as I reflect upon it.   Yet this special clinical time has passed by so quickly too…quite wonderful to sum it up!.  Thank you for the opportunity of applying the best of my Chinese herbal knowledge to your health care.  I can say that I have literally tried my utmost to help you arrive at a healing state. You may not have known it, but there are many times that I would come in after clinic hours and pour through texts that reflect current and centuries old knowledge, stay up late, try my 100% best as I worked on your cases to arrive at the perfect herbal formula.  It was a labor of love that motivated me to come in after hours, and that brought me to the latest conference on Chinese herbal medicine, and to try to be an expert in this field.


Now it is time to embark upon a new direction.  Chinese herbal medicine therapy necessitates a level of ongoing support, yet I find myself searching for deeper and deeper causation of illness, where energy and matter converge, and  the eternal present exists. Pulse balancing acupuncture is the best solution I have found in Asian medicine — exploring pure energy– that I am uniquely suited for. I offer this in my practice now.


What this means for those patients who desire custom crafted herbal formulas, is that I am now referring your health care to my colleague Blake Faulkner.  The same applies to those needing acute custom formulas. I will still offer ready made herbal tablets and will continue to fill herbal formulas for those patients who merely need a refill and are happy with their current formula.


I would like to say a little bit more about pulse balancing acupuncture, and I quote my website here.  I also want to stress that pulse balancing is really energy balancing, using your pulse to guide my treatment.


“What would it be like to truly prevent suffering?  This is a subject about which I have concerned myself more and more in the healing experience.

Fortunately, I have already been going in this direction in my clinical care with my patients. I offer a treatment paradigm that includes pulse assessment and pulse balancing.  Did you know that in balancing the pulse I am able to address problems in the Liver, the Kidneys, the Mind, and the Heart? And that’s just to highlight a few concerns.

We hear all the time how important it is to cope with stress.  Did you know that when the heart is serene that the pain is negligible? Did you know that the superior physician treats the disease that is not yet born?  These are all Chinese medical declarations, made centuries ago, and still in currency today. I want you to know that this is the foundation upon which I now offer my 20 years of clinical expertise.

Chinese pulse assessment and pulse balancing is a high level skill that takes decades to master.  It is the foundation upon which the superior physician aligns the superior acupuncture treatment. This is the mastery that I will use to guide my practice.  In balancing the pulse your subtle body’s energy can be allowed to flow freely and amply to retard physical and emotional disease and distress. This is the focus of my current practice.

I would like to offer this to you as the hallmark of my achievement in Chinese Medicine.  I would like to help you to bring about such a state of wellness and serenity that the stressors of the world cannot leave its imprint upon you.  I would like to help you to avoid as much suffering as is humanly possible.

Welcome to the new acupuncture treatment that I offer.  Your treatment time will be a time of renewal, peace, and harmony.”

Finally I want to quote a beautiful statement on the eternal now


“Live more and more in the Present, which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limits of the past and the future.”–Meher Baba



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