Making Bread & Slowing Down

Picture 3 298x300 Making Bread & Slowing DownI made bread yesterday.   I shopped at my favorite grocery store, Deep Roots Market, and got the freshest ingredients.  I pushed and folded, then pushed and kneaded my afternoon away to produce a lovely, earthy, yet also heavenly golden delicious loaf.

I slowed the day down.  I paused during each rising.  I stirred with my hands and did not use an electric mixer.  The tempo of the day stretched out.  I was not rushed.  I neither texted nor surfed this day.  I only turned the computer on to find out how many tablespoons make up a packet of yeast.  Then I turned it off again.  I did not watch TV.  I do not own a TV.  And I have not owned one in over 30 years.

I scootered to the grocery store.  I talked to the friendly staff.  I poured grains into simple brown bags and labeled them with tape and pen.  Then I watched the clouds go by before I pulled out of the parking lot.  I felt the wind on my skin as I made it home at 35 mph or slower.

I ate my lovely bread for dinner with other simple fare.  I had idle conversation with another over dinner.  That evening I took out needle and thread and mended.

And that night I slept through the night.  I did not wake up once to worry about patients, nor to worry about anything.   I slept outside and felt the gentle breeze all night long.

And today it occurred to me what was different.  My brain did not “over think” during the daytime yesterday, what I call “mental over-exercise”  And so at night my mind was not in overdrive to prevent deep sleep.

It has occurred to me, that a major problem with insomnia for Americans is that we think too much.   Physical activity can counter over thinking, but our brains work too much even doing this because we usually make it a frenetic activity.

Why are people who meditate regularly so calm?  It is because they are able to slow the mind down.  To simply exist.  For a spell.

We so desperately need to to this.  Before we I.M, GChat, facebook, text, and otherwise on-call our lives away.  Our sleepless lives away.

“When mind soars in pursuit of things conceived in space, it pursues emptiness.
But when we dive deep within ourselves, we experience the fullness of existence.”
Meher Baba

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