Reflections from a Snowy Lotus

Snowy Lotus Center

I walked to work today.  The snow was clean and fresh and white.  The morning was sparkly.

I thought about the world getting to work this morning.  How much we miss in creation by the drive in to work.  How we are focused on the bottom line, forgetting to be grateful for having work, being swept up in the race of humanity to have and have more.

I thought of how we would not have an obesity problem if we walked to work, or if we biked there.  How the children could have safe and healthy routes to school if we created it for them.  How much we would notice about the natural world, and how that would naturally arouse a compassion for the plants and animals if we but paid attention to their modern plight.  And how giving attention to the natural world would create a more beautiful world and erase global warming/global weirdness.

IMG 1674 300x259 Reflections from a Snowy LotusThen I thought about the psychology of the drive in general.  How we want to go fast and faster still to forget about who we really are.  Because that is the gift of the eternal now, the gift of the present presence, and subconsciously what we strive to get away from as a people as we pursue the next moment, if not to ruminate on the last one.

But who am I to belabor this moment in time? As I scurry along myself to get to the Lotus Center on time, I take clean breaths of the fresh air (air qi!), such a rare precious morning for the Triad.

I rejoice in my unique version of the American cup of coffee.  And I thank the Infinite Intelligence for a snowy white moment of time.

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