Shoni Shin for Children

Shoni Shin is a sophisticated Oriental Medicine technique used to activate children’s meridian qi flow system to improve their health.  This technique was developed in Japan in the 1700’s as a way to give healthcare to children and has been used in hospitals and health care settings ever since.


Children love Shoni Shin.  It is gentle, effective, and highly comfortable for them to receive as seen in this video clip.


Shoni Shin can help to alleviate allergies, upper respiratory infections, urinary, sleep, immune system and neurological problems.  It is therapeutic for digestive imbalances, cognitive, and some behavioral and developmental concerns.   Often children will rest well after a session, and improvements in symptoms can be seen immediately or over a course of treatments.  It is a wonderful way to introduce your child to Oriental Medicine without the use of needles.  Best of all, trips to the clinician’s office becomes an enjoyable experience.


See for yourself, in this video featuring our star, Eliza!

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