Stories of Patients with Sinus Infections, Allergies, & Colds, Part 1


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The Piedmont of North Carolina is a veritable smorgasbord of allergens for Greensboro residents.  It is because of our warm winter (did we even have a winter?) and our profusion of pollen-rich flowers.  Then add to it a potpourri of dust, figure in our human made-ecologically manipulated flora and fauna, and we get problems for seasonal and perennial allergies.  Our immune systems then take a beating with stress, fatigue, and poor eating habits as well.

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Here are some stories from patients that we have successfully treated at Lotus Center:

Patient #1:

Julie* suffered from allergies most of her adult life.  She spent some time in the cold New England which was challenging for her lungs.  Coming to the warm & humid Piedmont posed a new challenge for her.  She vacillated between sinus drainage, chronic cough, chest constriction, and finally at its worst stage, asthma.  We made an herbal formula to do the following:

  • to transform mucus in the sinus tract and hidden phlegm in the lungs0125IMG 9961 300x200 Stories of Patients with Sinus Infections, Allergies, & Colds, Part 1
  • to expand the lungs and guide the formula to that part of the body
  • to improve circulation
  • to build her vital qi
  • to strengthen her “kidneys”, the seat of immunity
  • to strengthen her digestive power, the source of all phlegm
  • to harmonize everything

After one week she was down to her inhaler only at night, after two more weeks it was down to one time daily, after one month she didn’t need the inhaler at all.   Now she uses this customized formula as needed for periodic allergies and shortness of breath.  Her constitutional herbal formula and regular acupuncture treatments have made these acute respiratory bouts less and less frequent.

Patient #2:

But this plan of action would not work for Simon*.  He also had allergies, sinus induced migraines every 4-8 weeks, chronically tired, post nasal drip, chronic cough and occasional bronchial asthma for most of his adult life. He had more of a “yin deficient” background to his “Mucus Phlegm Hindering the Breathing” type asthma and allergies.  So his custom formula had herbs to do these things:

IMG 1765 Stories of Patients with Sinus Infections, Allergies, & Colds, Part 1

An example of a "yin deficient" tongue.

  • support his energy, digestive power and immune system
  • herbs to support healthy lung moisture (surfactant)
  • herbs to vaporize phlegm in the sinuses
  • 1 herb to expand the lungs and stop cough.

With regular acupuncture & consistent use of his herbal formula, he has not had a migraine in over a year, no serious one in over 5, and his energy is at a level it should be.

Patient #3:

Cindy* gets a sinus infection about twice a year.  No surprise here, since she works with children professionally, and gets to share all those nice cooties.  Her tongue is thick and coated, her pulse full and slippery.  Her mucus is thick and colored. (Ok we won’t get too graphic for the faint of heart readers out there!)  She gets her own custom formula that works every time she needs it.

Patient #4:

Baby Molly* had a cough with spitting up and ran a mild fever.  She needed a different approach, one that would resolve her cough, clear her nose, and bring down her temperature.  She had “Lung Heat with Phlegm”.  Since she is an infant and because her mother gave her our custom-blended Chinese herbal medicine, not only did her illness resolve, but she also gets to look forward to a strong healthy immune system in her childhood and adulthood because her herbal formula not only cured her problem but boosted her immune system as well.

In each and every case, Chinese Medicine was 100% effective.

No one received immune compromising antibiotics, neither did they take problematic steroids, nor inhalers.  

All received the wonderful healing effects of Chinese herbal medicine.  This not only resolves the allergic response, and the invading germ, but also simultaneously strengthen the immune system and vitalize the patient’s fundamental resistance.

We hope you have been inspired by these stories, with the knowledge that we can be successful with offering you a nature-based, wholistic, kind approach to health care.

*Names of clients have been changed to protect their confidentiality.

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