The 48 Hour Flu

The man came to Lotus Center for help because he was coughing, had chills, cold feet (this is rare for him), body aches, fatigue, no appetite, neck ache, and a headache.  His pulse was “full and slippery”, and also “floating in the lung position”, slightly “tight”.  I deciphered these diagnostic clues (which may seem like mumbo-jumbo to the average person) to determine how to proceed:

His acupuncture treatment consisted of 1.) activating the “qi” to “diffuse the lung” ; and 2.) stimulating the “defensive qi” (this is immune strengthening) to fight the “invasion” (this is the flu).  He was given a professionally modified Chinese herbal decoction (tea).  He drank half of it at the office, went home, took another 1/4, went to bed, and slept 10 hours.  During that time he formed a therapeutic sweat.

The next day he was feeling better.  That morning he took the remainder of the tea, and rested most of the day.  He still had a lingering cough, that was moving slightly deeper in his chest.  Headache and neck ache were gone.  He rested a good part of the day, took another custom blended formula (tea), and ate a bit of congee for his first meal and clear soup for his second.

The third day he was 95% well with just a lingering cough which was treated with a Chinese herbal syrup.  The following day revealed no relapse of any flu symptoms.  We judged that his flu lasted 48 hours, while that of others we knew lasted for many more days or weeks.

Over and over again we see early and correct intervention with Chinese medicine is swift and complete.  If one is uncomfortable with immune manipulating biomedical interventions, or is concerned about the growing problem of “super bugs” due to the overuse of pharmaceuticals, or wants to make sure acute problems do not fester into chronic illnesses, one can always turn to Chinese Medicine for an individualized treatment answer.  Acupuncture, and even more so Chinese herbs, are effective at stopping the flu and other contagious infections.

Michele Salinas LAc, Dipl CH RN-BSN, MSOM

Lotus Center, Greensboro, NC

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