The Art of Chinese Medicine: Anecdotes from Lotus Center

The patient is an amiable professional female.  She comes to me because she is having a flare-up of her allergies, which can settle in her sinuses and ears.  She is coming to me early, because she knows that is the best time for intervention.  I check her pulse.  That is what we do as part of assessing her health condition.  But what is this?  Her heart pulse is working too hard, yet has a kind of emptiness.  How do I know this?  The heart pulse has a flooding quality to it, it is large, yet when I press into it, the definition of it disappears, and does not retain its reverberation.  It is as if an ocean wave comes at you at the shore, then lacks power once it reaches your feet.  In practical terms, the patient has a heart condition that may manifest sometime in the future, even though her latest physical was normal.  I ask her if she ever has heart palpitation, shortness of breath, or fatigue.  She says yes, how did you know?  I know because the heart pulse has directly shown me so.

We wait about two weeks, until her allergy condition resolves with acupuncture treatment and her time tested custom crafted sinus formula. Then, to change the course of her cardiac future, I  give her acupuncture and put her on an herbal formula to nourish the heart, and make it work more efficiently. This is a specific group of herbs that target who she is as a unique individual with this kind of pre-clinical heart condition.

After two more weeks of this kind of heart treatment, she has no shortness of breath, her energy is improved, and her heart palpitations have improved by about 75%.  Early treatment is easy, cheap, and pleasurable compared to going to a hospital or E.R.  It has been another two weeks and I will see her tomorrow to see how she is progressing.

This is the true art of Chinese Medicine:  to change the course of a patient’s destiny for the better.

By: Michele Salinas LAc, Dipl CH, RN-BSN, MSOM

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