The Treatment of Depression


The treatment of depression can be a difficult,, sad and lonely journey for the one who suffers from it.  It is also both frustrating and heart wrenching for loved ones, family, friends, and health care providers.  Pharmaceutics may work for some, yet do not work for others.  Side effects of these medications are disease producing as well.  Even alternative and complementary therapies can have modest effect in alleviating the pain of depression.  And yet sometimes the opposite is true.  Sometimes the effect can be profound.


In the clinic I work, Lotus Center in Greensboro, NC, we have had a phenomenal experience with treating a patient with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  The following is a brief synopsis of an individual receiving Oriental Medicine to help with her depression.  She is also taking a western pharmaceutical which has been of limited but still real benefit to her.  We started her on weekly treatments including a custom herbal formula.


To understand briefly depression from an Oriental Medical perspective, consider the following:


Healthy energy flow in the human works like this–

WOOD–>(creates)–>FIRE–>(creates)–> EARTH–>(creates)–>METAL–>(creates)–>WATER–>(creates) WOOD–>etc…


Another way to say it is–

Correct PLAN (vision)–> creates-> correct EXECUTION–> creates–> correct MATURITY

–>creates–>correct YIELD (harvest)–> creates-> correct CULMINATION–> creates–>

 The Treatment of Depression

the next PLAN or VISION, etc.  This is the cycle of creative living.


In the situation that is not creative, energy cannot flow and become creative ingenuity.  The resultant embargo yields unproducttive and enduring Anger, Anxiety, Worry, Grief, Fear


Each of these, or a combination of these, can cause or add to depression.

In the case of the patient here, her stuck gref caused her to be depressed.  Wellbutrin helped her a little.


Treatment # 1:  CALM. special spirit calming acupuncture points used.  My goal was also to build trust.  Patient is visibly and remarkably less disturbed with this treatment.  (see facebook entry)

Treatment #3:  Open the chest to allow grief to move with the breath.  Patient reports feeling a weight off her chest. (see facebook entry)

Treatment # 6:  Patient reports she can’t see herself beyond self-hatred.  Treatment:  motivate her internal willpower, liberate enduring negative mental impressions, open her third eye to see possibilities beyond her psychic wall.  She reports during the treatment that for the first time in decades she is aware of color surrounding her, which  becomes a source of wonder and hope for her.

 The Treatment of Depression

Acupuncture has a power behind it like no other therapy I know of because it goes straight to the core energy blocks.  I find acupuncture is more effective with the combination of an effective, custom created herbal formula such as was given here.  In the case of this patient, during her treatments with us we have noticed a more attention to her hygiene, brighter eyes, brighter affect, and within the time span described here, an ability to commit to herself, and her journey toward wholeness.  These days she smiles when she greets us,  we smile contagiously back.


Love has to spring spontaneously from within; it is in no way amenable to any form of inner or outer force. Love and coercion can never go together; but while love cannot be forced upon anyone, it can be awakened through love itself.

Love is essentially self-communicative; those who do not have it catch it from those who have it. Those who receive love from others cannot be its recipients without giving a response that, in itself, is the nature of love.

True love is unconquerable and irresistible. It goes on gathering power and spreading itself until eventually it transforms everyone it touches. Humanity will attain a new mode of being and life through the free and unhampered interplay of pure love from heart to heart.


The New Humanity Meher Baba Discourses 7th ed. p 8-9.

 The Treatment of Depression

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