Transcending Disharmonious Mental States with Acupuncture, Meditation, and Essential Oils

Transcending Disharmonious Mental States
with Acupuncture, Meditation, and Essential Oils

Like the pangs of childbirth we seem about to birth a new humanity.  Winds of change surge in our selves, in our communities and in our nation.  It can feel overwhelming to cultivate perfect inner poise.  We are living so much “in our head”….and where is the heart? This takes a toll in our experience of stress, easily overwhelming us. We can feel despondency, despair, and an inability to mentally “turn it off”.

Energy has a huge impact on the mind. Indeed being in the world, no matter how compromised we feel, always involves energy. Acupuncture is the great tool of the energy-based traditional medicine of the East. Energy (qi) flows along pathways and pools at the acupuncture points. Utilizing these points with acupuncture, we can arrive at states conducive to mental and emotional harmony, comfort, and relief.

Meditation consists in thorough thinking about a particular object at the exclusion of every other thing. [1] There is a peaceful intermingling of love and longing for the divine object or principle on which the mind dwells. [2] When the mind can become absorbed in something as clear as pure love, for example, the mind can arrive at a state of serenity so that the situations the individual finds him or herself can not have any real and lasting impact.

Medicinal grade essential oils capture the core virtue of a healing plant or resin. Because it enters our olfactory sense, and sets up a vibration there that travels expediently to the brain, essential oils can have a tremendous impact on our mental and emotional state.

Put all three systems together and you have an integral and complete way to alleviate stress, insomnia, anxiety, depressed mood, nervousness, disorders of thinking, …and more.

Using fine wand-like needles acupuncture can stimulate the energy of various points on the body. The results are manifold, but the following is a sampling of attributes associated with certain points when given acupuncture. (Note: the skilled acupuncturist can provide a treatment that is oh so gentle if you are needle sensitive.  I am that–M. Salinas)

Certain points calm the mind; regulate sleep; remove emotional stagnation; treat anxiety/apprehension; treat worry; treat obsessive thinking; treat restlessness; calm hyperactivity; disperse grief; relieve depressive mood; relieve feelings of being overwhelmed; calm anger; resolve frustration; enhance decisiveness; nurture insight; cultivate will; soothe emotional pain; enhance meditation; calm fear…..and so forth.

In dissociative meditation (*) the mind is trained to turn its focus from non-healing thoughts. In associative meditation the mind is trained to focus and absorb healing thoughts. In discriminative meditation the mind is engaged in serene activity. In loving meditation the heart is absorbed in free and unhampered flow of love toward the divine subject. [3]

Essential Oils–examples
Rose is the oil of humanity. It opens the heart without leaving the heart vulnerable. Elemi helps us trust, especially for what is true in the moment. Sweet orange is gentle, and can be used broadly for stress. It is great for children. Roman Chamomile is a relaxant for the chest. Lavender heals when plans go awry. Frankincense gives freedom from sadness. It is good for PTSD, and helps us form a healthy detachment. With myrrh it heals many kinds of chronic wounds (including psychic). Clary sage alleviates anxiety and desperation. Geranium is wonderful for mental overwhelm. Dill helps with phobias and vanilla is strong for transformation, Vetiver roots the mind and carrot seed helps us sleep. I use basil often for depression (but please don’t overuse this as it needs to be rotated.)

Putting it all together….
Example: depressed patient given acupuncture to arouse the mind using acu-points on the head and sea of vitality point on the abdomen. We used Dill essential oil (E. O) on cotton ball as aromatherapy. She was given a meditation of her choice. She chose dissociative type meditation and chose an attribute she does not identify with. During treatment she feels very harmonized and becomes invigorated yet serene. Her depression is managed and she is pursuing her life goals. She comes back for regular maintenance care.

Example: patient experiencing phobias. She receives integrative medicine East and West. During an acupuncture treatment we activate points to root her spirit, and others to help ground her and bring her to her present and full awareness. We also calm the mind to help her to feel sure and complete. Peru balsam E.O. is given as aromatherapy (a substitute for vanilla) to help with fear and because it is strong for transformation.

Example: patient experiencing ptsd, is a refugee from a war. I wanted to build a bridge with her, let her know that this part of humanity is ultimately here to help her heal. Rose E.O. is the oil of humanity, a natural match. I treated her physical pain, then gave her some essential oil of rose to inhale. As she gave me an unforgettable deep and lasting smile, a look of relief came to her eyes.  She breathed in again and again the healing balm of this oil throughout her treatment walking out the clinic door breathing it some more.

There are many more examples and this is just a small sample. I hope you the reader have become enlightened of the many possibilities acupuncture, meditation and essential oils have to help to transform the mental and emotional ills of your world.

–Michele Salinas LAc, Dipl OM, BSN

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* taken from Meher Baba Discourses part II
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