Treating Your Cough

Lotus Center can effectively treat your cough!


Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine began over 2,000 years ago.  Since that time, there have been centuries of clinical experience in effective treatment for cough.  This article will look at the treatment of acute cough.


At the initial stage of getting sick, we can feel sniffles, achy, sore throat, and then a slight cough.  Or the cough may appear by itself.  The cough is without phlegm, and not very strong.  The treatment principle is to dispel the pathogen (viral or bacterial,) ventilate the lungs and arrest the cough.  The practitioners at Lotus Center will give you a formula that can do this, whether you have acute mild bronchitis, common cold, flu, or other respiratory infection.  The trick is to come in early for this stage.


If left untreated, the cough may progress to a harsh barking cough.  We call this Lung Fire; it  can be painful.  This kind of cough is caused by a virus or bacteria.  It is common in children and may be seen in croup.  The treatment goal is to “clear heat, drain fire”, clear the lungs, stop coughing and relieve difficult, labored breathing. Herbal formulas are given, some originating from as far back as 1119 AD, that effectively clear this kind of cough in a relatively short time within 1-2 days.


But many folks do not know that Lotus Center can treat coughs at this stage.  So the cough can progress to Phlegm-Heat.  The lungs produce mucus to counter the dryness that comes with the “fire” (in physical terms to attempt to rid the pathogen).  But now we have a new pathological product, that of phlegm, which hinders the descension and dispersion duty of the lungs.  The mucus can be coughed up easily, and the color is bright yellow, brownish yellow, or greenish brown.  There may be accompanying colored nasal drainage, and the cough makes a rattling sound.  Lotus Center has treated this kind of cough countless times, in children and adults.  This is such an effective treatment that one can avoid antibiotics and steroids.


Still sometimes patients may progress to a cough that becomes sticky with phlegm, which is difficult to cough up.  Or they may skip the previous stage and move right to this stage.  The treatment principle is more involved, but curable.  We need to use herbs that clear and transform phlegm, and herbs that stop cough, in combination with herbs that also support normal lung surfactant (normal lung fluid).  The support of normal lung fluid is important to enable the lungs to loosen phlegm from the bronchioles.


If the patient fails to get treatment at any of the above stages, the cough can progress to a phlegm damp stage.  This stage can be prolonged.  It is still very treatable in our clinic, but the treatment takes longer.  Or the patient can exhibit an enduring dry cough soon after initially getting sick or from a previous stage of cough.  Again, these kinds of cough are treatable, but treatment takes time as it is more involved.


Please call us as soon as possible should you develop a cough.  Lotus Center has the expertise to treat you.

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