Alternative & Complimentary Health Care for your Children


Do you worry about the health of your child? Are you wondering what to do about vaccinations? Ear Infections? Fevers? Do you ever wonder if you’re making the right choices on their behalf? Wanting them to be as healthy & happy as possible? We’d like to invite you to an information session on what we offer families.

In this conversation, you will better understand the use of pediatric shoni-shin. This is an incredibly effective & sophisticated non-needle acupressure technique that is popular in Japan, where it has been used in major hospitals and clinics since the 1700’s.

You will leave understanding how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can benefit your child and also be something they look forward to. Not only will you see shoni-shin performed, but you will also see how we use herbal preparations for children in upper respiratory tract infections, ear infections, bed-wetting, sleep disturbance, attention problems, skin problems, and more. These herbal formulations are customized and have a taste children find palpable.

Michele Salinas, L. Ac. RN is our senior practitioner who works with many families and will be leading this conversation.

Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming.

When: Saturday, March 17th, 12-1pm
Where: Lotus Center, 2412 Lawndale Dr, 27408
Cost: $15

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