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Rates for Michele Salinas LAc, Dipl OM are as follows:

New Patients will be 1.5  hour professional visit  and will be charged $90.00.  This includes acupuncture treatment and a full assessment

A one hour appointment for returning patients is $85 and includes acupuncture

We will extend a $5 discount if treatment is paid with check or cash at time of service for return one hour appointments

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For the rates of W.Blake Faulkner, LAc,

A One hour which includes acupuncture = $75;

1.5 hours = $110

1/2 to 45 minutes = $45.  Pediatric and cupping appointments will be charged at the 1/2-45 minute rate.

*                    *                    *                     *                    *                    *                    *

All new patient visits at Lotus Center are typically 1 hour-1 1/2 hours.   This is the full range of Chinese Medicine including acupuncture treatment.  Prearranged longer visits are available  (90 minutes).  Ask your practitioner for details. 

Michele can offer essential oil treatments only also.  She can apply the essential oil only on the acupoints,   This is available upon request; please let her know. 

The price of all Chinese Herbal Medicine is calculated separately.


  • “Achieving holistic primary care through nurturing equilibrium.”
      • Michele helped me to see that what I needed most was a change in perspective.  It is not so much that two of my lab values were “abnormal”.  But that my attitude towards the lab results was out of proportion to what was really there.  And that this was true for my daily outlook in...


      • I came in for help with my liver and liver enzyme levels which were “off” at my last checkup. I had some acupuncture treatments and took the Chinese herbal formula Michele made me. I was excited and happy when my doctor told me my liver enzymes were normal. Plus, now I’m feeling so much more...


      • I had irregular urinary flow with urgency. Two days after the acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs, my urination returned to normal.  


      • I came in to see Blake to help me along in going into labor at 40 weeks pregnant. I’m just so amazed at how quickly it worked! I saw Blake at 10:30 am on Friday, and our little girl was born 5:30 pm on Saturday! Lotus Center is a wonderful and caring place, and I...


      • I was 36 weeks pregnant, and the baby was breached, so I saw Michele for moxibustion. I also bought two moxa sticks to use at home. I used the moxa sticks for one week and then had an ultrasound. The baby was in the correct position, and has been ever since.


      • I can not thank you enough for assisting in the creation of our child. Our family is now complete. I plan on stopping by sometime so you can meet him. He is a joy and [his sister] loves him. I don’t think he would be here without your help. Thank you again.


      • For almost two weeks I had poison ivy spreading to all the areas of my body. Every morning I would wake up after a very un-restful sleep and find new patches. This went on for about 10 days. I was miserable and spending a lot of my time in a baking soda bath or covering...

        —Sarah Carter

      • I came back to Lotus Center with Blood pressure BMI & hypertension being my main concerns. Within a week it has come down tremendously, thanks to Michele’s Chinese herbal formula. I can tell by my energy level, and my  BP has come down to the normal range. I’m very happy with the results. As for my...

        —Tara L.

      • Holistic Healing/Chinese Medicine is definitely natural so I researched, learned, and ultimately decided to give it a try! Here is a link to my blogspot about my recent Lotus Center experience. http://heatherbenham.blogspot.com/2013/06/traditional-medicine-to-rescue.html

        —Heather B.

      • My beautiful miracle, Ryan, was born three months premature and spent the first 7 months of his life in the hospital.He has endured more in his short 2 years of life than most of us can speak of.He has a number of ailments including Short Bowel Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.While we are...

        —Malissa D.

      • Just want to update you that I gave my little girl 2 doses of the Chinese meds so far (2pm and 6pm) she took a nap in between with fever of 102 but I didn’t treat the fever, just gave her cool towel on her head. She is already feeling better and playing like normal...


      • The Chinese brew (herbal decoction) is the best thing that has happened to me to help me deal with IBS. and release the pain.  It changed my life! I used to have constipation, now I am more normal. I continue to return to Michele and Lotus Center for necessary adjustments to help me progress with this...


      • During my treatments at Lotus Center, time was taken to listen to me.  No one seemed rushed. There was education given – so that I was more knowledgeable about what was going on with me and how to continue to work on my progress and prevent further problems. No one in health care seems to...

        —DaleAnn Shaw, RN, MSN

      • Lotus Center has made it so I rest better, I have more energy, I’m sick less, I feel good. I came for high blood pressure, obesity, painful joints, lack of energy.  The Lotus Center didn’t treat ANY of those symptoms.  They treated the underlying cause and allowed my body do the rest.  In a culture...

        —W. Cavenaugh

      • I appreciate the flexibility, the literature available, and the depth of care provided.  I don’t ever feel rushed in and out like I often do at the doctor’s office.


      • Lotus Center didn’t push me to do anything/try anything that made me uncomfortable… and it didn’t take long for me to become a fan of acupuncture. The acupuncture has helped relieve foot pain, the cupping has helped with neck and shoulder pain, the herbal treatments have helped with sleep and with overall energy. I have also had...

        —G. Goodman

      • I had whole body dermatitis as a result of sobriety from alcohol addiction.  The itching and discomfort were so intense that I considered alcohol just to resolve the itching.  Steroids and creams didn’t help.  After one acupuncture treatment, I found the itching significantly better.  And while taking the herbs I was given at Lotus Center, the...



      • I highly recommend the Lotus Center. They have effectively treated my infant daughter several times when she had a pediatric fever, cold, vomiting, & cough. They taught me how to cook Chinese herbs to make her customized medicine & the results were impressive! I also had great experiences being treated there for my own cold...

        Jade Chiu & baby Zoey

        —Jade Chiu & baby Zoey

      • As a mother of one, infertility came as an unwelcome surprise. After seeking infertility treatments and trying for 2 years, I came to find the Lotus Center. At 40 years old, I was hopeful, but also filled with anxiety, fear, and sadness. The first consultation was very informative and thorough.  The acupuncturist was very understanding...


        —Stacy Peters, MEd

      • For over two years my husband and I tried to conceive without success.  After 3 months of treatments with Michele, getting acupuncture, taking the herbs, we successfully conceived.  We are now blessed with a strong healthy boy!


        —A. S.

      • My husband and I were having difficulty starting a family.  That all changed when I got treatments at the Lotus Center.  I saw Michele for a number of treatments and now I am several months pregnant.  Thank you!



      • After months and months of unsuccessful rounds of fertility drugs & a failed IVF, Michele worked with me for a series of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.  For several months we worked together, the second IVF was successful and now I have a beautiful healthy boy.  I can’t thank you enough!



      • Michele helped me to become pregnant.  I tried for several months without success and after getting treatments from you and taking the herbal teas, I was able to become pregnant and now I have a healthy happy baby girl!  Thank you so much for what you do!!


        —D. L.

      • Before my first session with Betsy I was completely unfamiliar with the Trager method. However after that first session I was experiencing immediate positive results. The muscles in my neck and shoulders that had pained me for years were responding to these gentle movements. I have tried chiropractic care and massages before but Trager has...


        —K. Hollins

      • Betsy Oldenburg’s keen eye and straightforward approach to working with imbalances in my body have been a great help. By incorporating her suggestions for posture corrections and specific stretches, in addition to receiving her bodywork, I have felt more aligned physically and mentally. There’s something about standing straight that clears one’s mind. Betsy has helped...


        —A. Wilson

      • Twelve months ago I was told by an orthopedic specialist that I needed to have surgery on my neck. I was in constant pain and had lost a lot of mobility. I had difficulty looking over my left shoulder to check my blind spot when driving. I decided that prior to having neck surgery I...


        —A. Walters

      • For some time I had been experiencing a fairly constant tension in my shoulders and neck. I tried all I knew to do but nothing seemed to work. Then I saw Betsy’s ad for Trager and massage therapy in a community publication, and I thought, ‘why not’? My shoulder, and neck ache is gone and...


        —A. Leydon

      • For years I have suffered with plantar fascitis and because of the success I’ve received getting treatments, I highly recommend Bowen with Betsy Oldenburg for any tendon, joint or muscle problem.


        —C. Ross

      • I came to the Lotus Center seeking alleviation of acute back pain.  During my sessions, I could feel the pain releasing as I lay on the table.  I didn’t have to rely on heavy medication, and I was able to continue with my very active lifestyle.  I always feel like I am the only person...

        Linda Donovan

        —Linda Donovan, RN & Lactation Consultant
        Peaceful Beginnings

      • The acupuncture & herbal medicines have helped immensely with my chronic sinus condition, but more importantly just having the knowledge that the Center is there & I am welcome has alleviated mental stress that feeds into physical symptoms.  The Lotus Center has been a welcoming experience. I truly feel they are invested in me as...

        C. Kennedy

        —C. Kennedy, artist & educator, PhD student in Education Studies at UNCG

      • When I come in with a migraine, it is totally gone by the time I leave!  I am also able to reduce the occurrence of the migraines through the use of Chinese herbs and dietary modifications recommended by Michele.  I had never tried “alternative” medicine before, so I was a little nervous before I came...


        —C. Auman, college professor

      • Lotus Center is full of excellent caring people who always want you to be well. I came for chronic pain and the pain in my arm and lower back are both better. I was even able to lower some of my medication. At Lotus Center, they want you to be well. They will do whatever...


        —Chris Medina

      • I came to the Lotus Center looking for help with my migraine headaches. The results have been wonderful since my headache problem is so very under control now. I am always impressed with Michele because she is such a wonderful and intuitive listener. I am always full of gratitude when I think of the Lotus...


        —Patti Carson

      • Amazing! Michelle really listens to you and works with you to come up with a treatment plan using both her many years of experience and intuition.


        —Happy Customer
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