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the Heart of Lotus

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Offering Spirit-based Acupuncture, Essential Oil individualized treatment on Acupoints, and Spirit-based Chinese Medicinal Tea in the treatment setting~~by Michele Salinas

Individuals who are interested in LAHARR treatment will be also drawn to the path of the heart or “Bakti”.  Bakti is intense love for the Divine, and so we offer LAHARR treatment as a heart centered healing way to awaken Divine inspired living..
Devotion as love through the medium of acupuncture is the core path of this treatment.  We will shed light on guiding principles such as: evolution of consciousness, surrender, tolerance, forgiveness, atma, the New Humanity and the Oversoul as Ocean of Mercy.  We will explore how the Mind is the site of manyness, and the Heart is the site of ONENESS. We will place this in the context of the individualized acupuncture treatment– the emphasis will be the development of the inner life.  We will employ all of this as a means to heal pain and dis-ease.  Why?  We have come to the conclusion that real healing is spiritual healing.  We do not set ourselves up as masters of any kind.  Rather we will look to the light of the great ones such as Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Rabia and St. Francis as a means to illuminate the path from the external and transient toward the inner and abiding.

Michele will use intuition-guided acupuncture and teach you how to tap into intuition.  For more information see



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  • “Achieving holistic primary care through nurturing equilibrium.”

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